Their clothing high light the lady human body inside sexualised ways, and there’s a big mass media focus on her intimate matchmaking

Of several get in Collins’ functions a good feminist conflict. Katniss, a female, symbolizes the battle to own transform, justice and rebellion. She revolts resistant to the patriarchal society depicted from the Accumulated snow, an above-effective guy. Katniss’ public part, the lady condition in the new section, their role in her family members and her symbolic representation out of rebellion is without a doubt tied to the girl status once the a woman, in order to the fresh new gender politics off Panem.

Katniss appears to defy the questioned part out of womanhood and you can daughtership in her area. She and it has stamina, athleticism and you may prowess at the hunting, a typically men-built activity. Shortly after their father’s passing, she performs new role off feeder and money provider, a generally male role. This lady qualities try associated with electricity and you may heroism, characteristics in earlier times in the boys in several literary works of your own early in the day. Volunteering for her aunt try an easy way to fulfil the lady part of guardian, once again usually of people prior to now. Following enjoying, when she alerts their mother to control Demure and you may to not ever cry, this lady position try in some way even more ‘ spouse ‘ for example than ‘daughter’ such as. We could note that the first part of the very first book emphasises into the Katniss’s masculinity, for her men-based code, things and you may power to kill. In that way, Collins deconstructs Katniss’s intercourse label, and you can reveals just how Katniss defies the conventional girls part regarding region from the looking at roles and you can functions usually recognized as significantly more male. Observe a woman character embody such features try a breathing out-of clean air, and you can reaffirms new feminist training out-of Collins’ performs.

At Capitol, Katniss are cut back with the more traditional icon of women since the sexualised items, almost in an effort to all the way down the woman, make the woman a reduced amount of a danger towards patriarchal tyrannical rule

This woman is shaped to be noticed, to suffice the brand new voyeuristic demands of those surviving in the latest Capitol. This woman is named the new ‘lady to the fire’. She is provided a name and you can a job because of the Capitol’s patriarchal signal and you may this woman is cut back toward social part she has to consider because the a lady – seduction and you can signal. Getting cut off away from the girl family and friends, far from this new trees, kept in separation, should be be also considered a form of social castration.

But really Katniss proves to be a lot more once the she usually must establish her well worth to help you anyone else. Toward Gamemakers whenever she shoots an enthusiastic arrow in the a fruit to prove their talents. On the planet. Saving Peeta . In the Television shows. When you look at the Victor’s Journey as well as about fights throughout conflict due to the fact Mockingjay . She suggests a beneficial woman’s stamina and you will commitment. She including uses the new Capitol’s individual strategies against all of them with new assistance of Cinna – the lady clothes together with represent alter, danger, energy, rebellion. Cinna matches them for her, to her personality, the brand new ‘fire’ she’s within her. Thanks to him or her she makes a picture of depend on, determination and you may stamina and that impresses anyone during the Capitol plus threatens Snow’s authority. Owing to Cinna’s outfits she welcomes her women side versus exposing to the female condition in Panem, and you will without having to let go of the woman alot more typically ‘male’ traits particularly courage and actual stamina. She really molds herself and you can subverts traditional intercourse discourses and you can images – that produces the woman an incredibly strong feminist shape.

IV. The newest Racial Reflection

If you’re battle is not a primary motif in the Collins’ trilogy, there’s a lot of place having a good racial interpretation of Hunger Game. It is not sure in the event application ios de rencontres asexuelles that Panem is actually an article-racial society, however, we all know it is constructed on what had previously been United states, a multiple-cultural region. The present people, and the readers’ neighborhood, is not article-racial, plus in one experience there are very interesting reflections getting obtained from Collins’ text, as well as the films, if an individual pays attention in order to just how battle and ethnicity is represented, as well as how they gels with political, social, socioeconomic and you will ecological activities.